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Semi-Conductor Hi-Purity Gas Supplies

Semi-Conductor Hi-Purity Gas Supplies is our premier brand. Operating out of Potomac, Maryland, Hy-Tech Fittings is an economic problem solver for the industries we service. Our grooved gaskets are innovations in stopping the contamination of chemicals and gas in chip making. Others are perfect for semi-conductor gas and instrumentation fitting users. Before making a purchase of our products, why not order a test samples to make sure that they're performing to informational catalog standards.

Reliable Quality for Your Needs

We specialize in providing innovative technologies and cost-effective solutions for customers in the areas of instrumentation and fluid components. Our company specializes in the semiconductor, vacuum, and valve industries.

At Hy-Tech Fittings, we keep our inventory up to date while making sure all our items meet all semi-conductor standards. With prices starting at just $1, we are confident that you'll find exactly what you need. We accept returns for Semi-Conductor Hi-Purity Gas Supplies for the cost of a small restocking fee.

Products and Industries

For the semi-conductor and vacuum industries, we carry:

» Anti-Torque Rings - For the Prevention of Rotary-Action-Transfer During Assembly
» Grooved Style Gaskets - For More Effective and Repeatable Seals
» No-Over-Tighten Grooved Gaskets - Resists Damage from Over-Tightening
» Test Gaskets - Flat and Inexpensive
» Shipping Caps and Plugs - Can Reduce Costs Versus Standard Products by 66%
» Bore-Line-Seal Fittings and Gaskets - For No-Dead-Space Designs

Additionally, we carry valves for other industries, including instrumentation ball and needle valves available in brass and stainless steel. These can come with NPT, Circle-Lok, and Bi-Lok end connections and are compatible with industry-standard swage-type designs.

VCR-Style Gasket

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