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About Us

At Hy-Tech Fittings in Potomac, Maryland, we work continuously to improve our designs. We focus on creating quality VCR fittings and needle valves, ensuring they exceed industry standards. You can rest assured that we use our decades of experience to make sure you receive a durable product at an affordable price.

Hy-Tech Fittings in Potomac, Maryland, was established in 1985. With more than 60 years of combined experience, we're the trusted team you need to solve your semi-conductor and instrumentation fitting problems. We always have what you need in stock to get you back on track as fast as possible. Expect an immediate response every time you contact us. We take pride in working closely with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.

At Hy-Tech Fittings, we stand behind our products and our word. Our mini-weld fittings were used by NASA in the propulsion systems of astronaut backpacks. Nightline™ with Ted Koppel featured our gas control panel, which uses Circle-Seal needle valves. In the late summer of 2012, our anti-torque ring designs landed on Mars with the Mars Science Laboratory that deployed the Curiosity rover. Our patented minimum dead volume fitting, which is used in approximately 50% of the world's Integrated Gas Systems designs used to supply ultra-high purity gases in the semi-conductor industry. Additionally, a description of our recycle program appeared in Applied Materials magazine.

Hy-Tech Fittings Welcome & History

The Innovation Specialists

We specialize in providing innovative and cost effective solutions for customers in the instrumentation-sized fluid components area, especially in the Semiconductor Industry.

Our Products Include

  • Anti-Torque- Rings" to prevent rotary-action-transfer during assembly of VCR-style fittings.
  • Grooved style Gaskets for more effective and repeatable seals including a "No-Over-Tighten" design, which resist damage from over-tightening.
  • Inexpensive, flat "Test Gaskets".
  • "Shipping Caps and Plugs", which can reduce costs versus the standard products by 66%.
  • "Bore-Line-Seal" fittings and gaskets for "no-dead-space" fitting designs.
  • VCR and DISS Gaskets with "Non-Distortable-Orifices".

Other Industries

Instrumentation sized stainless steel Needle and Ball Valves including NPT and swage- type end connections on valves from the original "Flo-Lok Valve Co." (Texas) and "Circle SealCompanv".

Memorable Moments

In the 1990s we patented and licensed a "Minimum-Dead-Volume Fitting" design, which was the basis for the world-wide "W-Seal" industry as it is know in semiconductor circles today.

Our "Anti-Torque-Rings" were used by the Jet Propulsion Lab on the MSL Mars Rover, "Curiosity", which landed on Mars in 2012.

A gas control panel using our Circle Seal Valves was seen on Ted Kopple's: "Nightline" Program; Hy-Tech's "Mini-Weld-Fittings" were used by NASA on Astronaut Propulsion Packs.

We were the first to introduce electropolished,stainless steel, Grooved Gaskets to the semiconductor industry; Hy-Tech developed low- cost "Shipping Caps and Plugs", which were approved by Applied Materials, saving them millions of dollars.

We developed a novel "Recycling Program" for the shipping caps and plugs which was praised in Applied Materials newsletter.