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Design and Improvements

At Hy-Tech Fittings in Potomac, Maryland, we work continuously to improve our designs. We focus on creating quality VCR fittings and needle valves, ensuring they exceed industry standards. You can rest assured that we use our decades of experience to make sure you receive a durable product at an affordable price. 

Utilizing Expertise

Since the '80s, we have been primarily focused on designing improvements for use with the VCR-fitting design, which is the standard for the semi-conductor industry. We were the first to introduce our patented, un-plated, and grooved gaskets for use with VCR fittings.

In addition, we developed anti-torque-rings for use with VCRs. These are an effective and inexpensive answer to the problem of rotary-action transfer during the assembly of fittings, and have become the industry's standard for use with internal VCR regulators. They are also used by a large OEM for critical gas lines.

We designed simplified shipping caps and plugs for temporarily capping weldments used by the largest OEM in the United States. This has reduced design costs by over 66%, which translates to millions of dollars of savings for our clients. We even created and implemented a recycle program for these products, which further reduces costs to both OEMs and suppliers by establishing consignment inventories at the suppliers.

Anti Torque Rings

Hy-Tech Fittings has a patented No-Over-Tighten style of grooved gasket, which resists over-tightening of VCR-style gaskets. We also have patented and licensed a minimum dead volume fitting design, which was the basis for the one of the two, world-wide, present industry standards for seals in semiconductor, ultra-high-purity gas and modular systems.